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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2017 10:18AM EDT

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Option 2: Hours Tracked Externally from the Site

Some organizations might prefer to use their own systems, rather than the PVSA website, for tracking volunteer hours. Particularly when there are large numbers of volunteers being recognized, organizations may find it easier to update volunteer hours through an Excel spreadsheet upload. To ensure information is accurately transmitted, be sure to use the PVSA Excel template as explained below. To get started, click the “Order Awards” button under the heading “2. Personalized Certificates Via Hours Tracked Externally from the Site.”
  • STEP 1.1: Download PVSA Certification Excel Template and enter volunteers’ information.

    • Once on the “Order Awards” page, click the blue “Download Template” button.

    • An Excel file titled “PVSA_CertUpload” may download automatically in your Downloads folder, or you may be given a choice to open or save the file.

    • Make sure the file is saved in a place where you can easily locate it. Your file must be saved as Excel workbook file type (.xlsx) to ensure proper upload of your document.


- Open the file. At the bottom are three tabs; click the “Instructions” tab and review carefully.

  • STEP 1.2: Upload your list of volunteers.

    • Back on the PVSA site, upload your list on the same page where you downloaded your template, click the “Browse” button to find the Excel file, then click the “Upload Excel” button.

    • If there is an error in your Excel spreadsheet, the website will notify you what changes need to be made.

    • If your upload is successful, you will be taken to Step 1.3.

  •  STEP 1.3: Review and certify your volunteers.

    •  Be sure to review this page for correct spelling of names.

    • All names with a GREEN check mark next to them meet the qualifications for an award, and will continue to be processed through the order.

    •  If you see a yellow exclamation mark, this means the service hours are not enough to qualify for an award. Sometimes this happens when a volunteer aged into a different category during the award year. If you think this could be the case, please contact Customer Service for assistance.

    • Review the text under the header “Legal Compliance,” and if all statements are true and accurate, check the corresponding box. If you cannot agree with all four statements, please halt your order, review the program requirements, and contact Customer Service with any questions.

    • Click “Next.”

See page 13 of the Organization User guide for more direction.

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