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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2017 10:14AM EDT



When you’ve made sure your volunteers meet the criteria for an award and you’re ready to place an order, click the “Order Awards” button on your profile. From here, the next steps depend on how you’ve tracked your volunteers’ hours. If volunteers hours have been tracked through their profile or you have manually tracked hours within the site,

  • choose Option 1, Personalized Certificates via Hours Tracked Internally on the Site. If your volunteers do not have profiles and your organization has tracked volunteer hours through its own external process,

  • choose Option 2, Personalized Certificates via Hours Tracked Externally from the Site. For each option, make your selection by clicking the corresponding “Order Awards” button. All award products—certificates, pins, medallions, and coins—are ordered here.


Option 1: Hours Tracked Internally on the Site

Use this option to place an order utilizing the volunteer roster created and maintained on the PVSA site. For information on tracking hours through your organization account, review “Manage Your Volunteers & Groups” beginning on page 8 of the user guide

  • STEP 1: Select your volunteers and groups.

    • You will see your volunteer roster, and from here you can check the volunteers who will be receiving an award in this order.

    • After making your selections, scroll to the bottom and click “Next.”

  • STEP 1.2: Review and certify your volunteers or groups.

    • Be sure to review this page for correct spelling of names.

    • All names with a green check mark next to them meet the qualifications for an award, and you may proceed with ordering awards for these individuals or groups.

    • If you see a yellow exclamation mark , the volunteer has not yet completed enough hours for an award.

    • On this page, you can choose a Focus Area for the volunteer if their service falls into a category provided. If you would like the Focus Area to be printed on the certificate, check the box under “Print Focus Area.”

    • If service does not relate to a listed Focus Area, use “Other”—don’t worry, this will not be printed.

    • Review the text under the header “Legal Compliance,” and if all statements are true and accurate, check the corresponding box. If you cannot agree with all four statements, please halt your order, review the program requirements, and contact Customer Service with any questions.

    • Click “Next."

  • STEP 2: Select award packages.

    • On this page, you should see a list of the volunteers and groups in your order.

    • Use the “Quick Select” dropdown box to choose the award package you would like to order for your volunteers or groups.

      • “Highest Award Earned” will apply the highest level award earned for the volunteer that year.

      • If the volunteer has enough hours to receive multiple levels, and you would like to honor the volunteer at each level, select “All Awards Earned.” Next, click “Apply”.

    • You may select different packages for each volunteer. Clicking on the awardee’s name in red allows you to edit and customize awards for each one. Customization options include different award packages, altering hours, and print options (e.g., Focus Area, award year, awardee’s name).

    • Be sure to select the “Save” button to update your shopping cart.

    • Click “Next" to go to the shipping and billing. 

-PVSA Support Team
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