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Last Updated: Apr 10, 2017 12:53PM EDT

When ordering awards for a large number of volunteers (more than 5), it is often easiest to order via the option for hours tracked externally from the site. You will be directed to download an excel template, complete it, save it to your computer, and then upload it to our site. Instructions are provided on the first tab of the spreadsheet, and tips and common issues are addressed in detail here. 

For awards for Individuals of all ages, enter information in the “Individuals” tab:

  • For each individual volunteer, complete each field. Note: How you enter the volunteer’s name is exactly how it will be printed on the certificate, so confirm spelling and formatting; we cannot provide complimentary replacements for misspellings or typos. 
  • For the “Age Group” column, enter one of the following: Kids, Teens, Young Adults, or Adults. The age group must be entered in in plural form.
  • For the “Focus Area” column, enter one of the focus areas listed in green in the header row. If the volunteer’s service doesn’t fit into one of these categories, enter “Other.
  • For the “Print Focus Area” column, enter “Yes” or “No” depending on whether or not you want the service Focus Area to be printed on the volunteer’s certificate
  • For the “Year of Service” column, enter the award year in which the hours accrued; for hours served within 12 months spanning two calendar years, enter the latest year or the year the award is given. Enter the total number of hours into one single year or row.
  • ​For the “Email” column, enter an email address for the volunteer. If the volunteer does not have an email address, leave this field blank. Do not enter the same email address for multiple volunteers, as emails are used as identifiers to look up volunteers, and this may lead to inaccurate records or upload errors.

For awards for Families/Groups, enter information in the "Groups" tab:

  • Complete fields as you would for the "Individuals" tab.
  • A group must have a minimum of 2 members. 

If your spreadsheet it taking too long to load, or if your receive an error message that not all volunteers were successfully uploaded, the most common error is that email addresses have matched against existing records. Please leave the email column blank in your spreadsheet and try again.

If you continue to have Excel errors after reviewing these tips, please reach out to us for further assistance.
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